Ancient Taoist Music Meets Modern Purity

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Ancient Taoist Music Meets Modern Purity

International Wudang Academy of Internal Arts
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Collected Masterpieces from Wudangshan in WMA and Mp3 format.

10 Tracks (59 minutes) Taoist Music!

1.月下流泉 - Next Month Flowing

2.月色缭绕 - Shrouded Moonlight

3.松涛声远 - Greenfield Shengyuan

4.梵天净土 - Brahma Pure Land

5.水清见月 - January Clear-See

6.深谷清溪 - Ravine Stream

7.清夜弹琴 - Playing Supernatant

8.灵动 - Smart

9.灵性之光 - Spiritual Light

10.烟青步晚 - Yanqing Step Night

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