Heroic Taiji Harmonies

International Wudang Academy of Internal Arts
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Collected Masterpieces from Wudangshan in WMA and Mp3 format.

11 Tracks (62 minutes) of powerful Taiji music!

1.七弦清音 - Seven Voiceless Strings

2.七弦绝巅 - Seven Strings Must Summit

3.万物共鸣 - All Resonate

4.乌夜啼 - Dark Night Mourn

5.乘愿再来 - Shengyuanzailai

6.乱红 - Luanhong

7.云水禅心 - Cloud Water Zen

8.古琴禅修 - Guqin Meditation

9.念心清净 - Idea of a Pure Heart

10.流浪英雄 - Wandering Hero

11.闲云孤鹤 - Lonely Crane

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Heroic Taiji Harmonies

0 ratings
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