Guqin under the Cherry Tree

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Guqin under the Cherry Tree

International Wudang Academy of Internal Arts
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Collected Masterpieces from Wudangshan in WMA and Mp3 format.

10 Tracks (59 minutes) of Guqin play

1.照见自在 - See Photo at Ease

2.琴禅见性 - Meet Qin Zen

3.琴道禅悟 - Qin Tao Zen Enlightenment

4.知音天籁 - Concert Teana

5.碧潭秋月 - Bitan Moon

6.神灵脉动 - Gods Pulsation

7.秋雨不成珠 - Autumn not a Bead

8.秋风过耳 - Autumn over the Ear

9.空山琴音 - Empty Mountain Sounds

10.竹林大千 - Bamboo Daqian

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