Good Morning Qi Gong

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Good Morning Qi Gong

International Wudang Academy of Internal Arts
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Collected Masterpieces from Wudangshan in WMA and Mp3 format.

12 Tracks (64 minutes) Good Morning Qi Gong!

1.任逍遥 - Unknown Pleasures

2.入静 - Silence

3.六有六无 - Six of Six Free

4.四季轮回 - Seasonal Cycle

5.寂寥清秋 - Solitude Clear Autumn

6.山海寻远 - Aboriginal Find Far

7.山阴古渡 - Sanin Ferries

8.平静的喜悦 - Calm Joy

9.幽林鸟语 - Forest of Birds

10.幽玄 - Unseen

11.心印自然 - The Mind Nature

12.青莲 - Green Lotus

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